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Global Plus and Cabex

The Global Plus illuminated bollard base is now available with an optically engineered LED light engine. This light engine is designed to reduce energy consumption and extend maintenance intervals.

The Global Plus is an extremely robust and versatile baselight unit. The unit is designed to complement the durability and performance of the Simmonsigns range of bollards. With much of the base installed below ground level it is designed to withstand repeated wheel-overs from some of the largest vehicles. The Global Plus is designed to last, manufactured using the finest corrosion resistant materials.

The freestanding version of the baselight is supplied with it's own stainless steel anchors which are installed into an excavated hole. This is ideal where an existing base is being replaced or where space is a constraint. For new works we recommend the Cabex version.

LED Lighting Benefits:

  • Long life led's offer significant maintenance savings especially on difficult or dangerous to maintain sites.
  • Optically engineered.
  • From 6 Watts total power consumption.
  • Upgrade kit converts existing fluorescent Global Plus to LED in seconds.

Easily replaced.

In the very unlikely event that the base gets damaged, the Global Plus allows the vulnerable elements of the base to be changed in minutes without electrical or ground works.

<li>LM6-M marine grade cast alloy base for excellent corrosion resistance.</li>
<li>Stainless steel hinge and locking for durability and minimal maintenance.</li>
<li>Separate UV stabilised polycarbonate domed lens featuring supreme maintainable sealing detail to IP67.</li>
<li>Extremely robust.</li>
<li>Range of LED gear trays available.</li>
<li>Optional immediate gear tray power isolation facility on lens removal.</li>

<p><strong>Please note that as of 31st March 2016 we will no longer manufacture any product using the PL lamp range, offering only LED products from the 1st April 2016. <a href=Read More >

Global Plus and Cabex

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