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4x4 Pulsa

For over two decades the Pulsa School Crossing Signal has been reliably aiding children to cross roads, highly visible to drivers both from a distance and close to. The range constantly evolves, with the latest utilising GPRS technology enabling the unit to be programmed and interrogated remotely via a dedicated web site.

  • Different angles of LEDs in the clusters - Unit is highly visible to drivers at a distance and continues to be so as they draw near
  • Pre-wired sign board with four high intensity LED flashing arrays - Ideal for Safe Routes to School applications
  • Available in different sizes - Bespoke for a wide range of applications
  • Auto dimming LEDs - Prevents glare at night and in the depths of winter
  • IP56 rated - Minimal maintenance giving low cost of ownership
  • Long life LEDs - Low running costs
  • Die cast aluminium lens cowls - Cowls are shatter and corrosion resistant even during extreme weather and offer protection from heavy snow fall.
  • Tamper proof access - Proven history of outstanding vandal resistance
  • Choice of operating systems: 2 year programmable calendar, SMART Pulsa via a handset, GPRS via the internet and text message. Cost effective as minimal site visits are required to monitor multiple sites
  • GPRS Pulsa option - Programmed to report back status updates/ operational functionality at regular set intervals

Please click here to download the feature and benefits sheet.

4x4 Pulsa

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